Dear Friends,

Accept your greatness…. I mean it, accept it now, before you read the body of this message and say it to yourself. “I accept my greatness” now that you have made a pledge to yourself, understand this:

Greatness comes with animosity so let’s accept that reality.
Greatness comes with failure so let’s accept that reality.
Greatness comes with suffering so let’s accept that reality.
Greatness comes with disappointment so lets accept that reality.
Greatness comes wit its own agenda different to yours so lets accept that reality.
Greatness comes with moments that are “meant” to defeat you so lets accept that reality.

Lets call these moments are challenges… that’s all they are challenges.

Remember this:
Greatness comes with your ability to understand that you are empowered to change the trajectory of any moment and any situation.
Greatness comes with the promise that you take each challenge and savour what you have learnt or are learning while you pick yourself up and get back on track.
Protect your mind and fill it with dreams and promises to yourself imagine everything that makes you smile and keep imagining them, when your body is weak seek refuge in your beautiful mind.
Lock the gates regroup be amazing!

im not finished yet! :)


Just Her

She walks with purpose, alacritous, pure and with intent.Her grace is understated but its contrast is evident through her uniform.She inquires with a view that you know all that she meant. She smiles and it takes me on a journey so far. The Gods... alas God has yet given the world another special soul. Our fate is sealed and somewhere we both know it but dare not utter the wondrous reality. The secrecy, the mystery, the beauty, the magic. Her ambition has shielded her from Edens Apple, her innocence is alarming her intelligence is alarmingly charming. All it took was one gaze .. just abit too long.. or rather just right and what conspired in our favour was an exploratory rollercoaster, we savoured every essence... we savour every essence... still.


Too many of these... lol


The 2014 List

Making the best career choice to date
My success is my own design and nobody elses

Losing Friends and Family that I got to share my love and gratitude with
For that I am forever thankful

Losing a woman I loved in 2013 but getting over it and realizing it was a gain
because losing someone that doesn't appreciate or respect you is a dam positive

Family... my Mother.. My Sisters.. my Brother.. my Cousins...
Words Cant explain.. so ill just say.. FAMILY!! :)

Getting Closer to God, I pray more am grateful for more
Receive more and want more :)

My health, im in Great Shape.. getting back to my inner fitness Cardio
Food.. muscle and smiling.. he he

Love... its a great feeling!



Focus and Intent

When People force themselves out of your life either by walking away or forcing their hand in your departure from theirs... understand this.. it simply means their part in your story is over... wish them well that they may have a beautiful story..


360 The same Percieved End but the RIGHT approach!!

The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development. 
I used to say, "If you will take care of me, I will take care of you. 
Now I say, I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.” :)